D-Box for sponsorship activation


The D-Box technology is completely revolutionary, it allows to create immersive entertainment in which the audience moves to the rhythm of the media they view. This technology shakes the entertainment world by making the experience more realistic and by stimulating the imagination of the audience.

However, D-Box does not only work in entertainment. This company has several strings to its bow. It works in a range of areas such as virtual reality, cinema, video games or professional simulation for several types of jobs (heavy equipment, automotive, defense, health and much more) .

Winner of the Sports Category for the Grand Prix of Sponsorship 2017

In 2017, the company won the award for the best sponsorship activation in the sports category. The concept that allowed them to win this distinction was simple, but effective. Participants were invited to a cinema with D-Box technology. Thus, the audience had the chance to experience the emotions experienced by the Formula 1 drivers. The simulation designed by the technology was most realistic, transporting guests into the world of racing.

D-Box gives you a real idea of the event

The Grand Prix was right in engaging the company D-Box to activate its sponsorships. There is no doubt that this immersive experience has allowed future sponsors to get a true idea of the event. The technology used by the company respects in particular the es 5 must for a successful sponsorship activation. The experience that the participants experienced helped to influence their perception of the Grand Prix. By being immersed in a race, they could experience the event virtually. By stimulating the 5 senses and emotions of the guests, the Grand Prix marked the imagination of its audience, seduced them and created a sense of belonging to their event. The spectators were left with unforgettable memories and they will never forget this Montreal race!

Do you want to activate your sponsorships effectively?

D-Box is the technology to use if you want to stand out in order to get a lot of sponsors. Thanks to D-Box, you will bring a wealth of emotions to your guests, which will help to mark your brand or company in their memory.

For more information about the company, you can visit their website at the following link: https://www.d-box.com/fr

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Good luck in your sponsorship activation and think out of the box, think: D-Box!

Written by: Géraldine Saucier