5 for a successful sponsorship activation

An influential communication vehicle, sponsorship is an extremely valuable way to help a brand stand out from the competition. In order to develop a genuine connection with its consumers, a company has a great interest in demonstrating or reiterating its existence through festivals, sporting events or charitable activities to enable the brand to come alive. This concentration of attention on the company is made possible thanks to its activation, which consists in giving a memorable experience to its customers by exploiting its products or its technology. Focus on the 5 must-have for a successful sponsorship activation. 

Participatory experience

To engender consumer engagement with a brand, they must be transported into a participatory experience that will influence the company's perception in a positive way. To do this, it is imperative that the visitor or audience be at the center of the experiential sponsorship strategy in order to enrich the value of the consumer experience. For example, during the Montreal en Lumières festival, the Bell telecommunications company made a partnership with Le Massif by offering festival-goers the opportunity to virtually descend a slope from the popular sunrise mount.

Stimulation of 5 senses

For the experience to mark the imagination of consumers, it is imperative to focus on stimulating all the senses that benefit the human being. Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch must all be taken into consideration to capture the complete attention of the participant. Thanks to the technological advances of recent years such as virtual reality and augmented reality, it is now possible to give a unique and immersive experience to the targeted clientele.

Carrying emotions

Any experience related to the activation of sponsorship must be relevant, positive and above all, carry emotions to seduce and retain the target audience. Feelings like excitement, joy and excitement are essential to convince and convert the audience into potential consumers. Thus, through emotions, participants' attachment to the brand becomes stronger, their attitude more positive and their degree of satisfaction higher when their experience is meaningful.

Virtual reality

According to the members of our agency and several experts in the field of events, the next types of activations that will gain even more popularity over the next few years will be those that will use virtual reality. While the participant is transported into an immersive world through the use of a helmet, he is brought into direct contact with the brand and develop a strong sense of belonging. This is what Dos Equis beer offered to its consumers, whereas the company received them as guests of honor in his mansion to make them live a VIP treatment!

Qualified staff

Finally, in order for sponsorship activation to go off without a hitch, qualified staff is highly recommended. Hire brand ambassadors of great skill to accompany your guests in an unparalleled world. Make sure your ambassadors have the necessary training to add value to the sponsorship while providing an unforgettable experience to participants through their involvement and dedication to the success of the event.