Opt for a unique event instead of the traditional funeral home

The death of a loved one is a painful and upsetting event. The purpose of a funeral is for loved ones to gather and offer support to one another. Many families opt for the funeral home. However, other types of funeral events are available to you in order to offer the deceased a fitting tribute. Here is a list of suggestions that will commemorate this person's memory in a timeless manner.

1) Rethink the place of the event.

A funeral home seems to be a good way to commemorate the deceased. On the other hand, it is impersonal; therefore, perhaps not the best solution to pay homage to the memories that you have with the loved one. So, think about a magical place, the favourite place of this person. Would this location be more appropriate to set up a funeral!?

A ceremony in the middle of nature, for example, creates memorable and sensational funerals that the deceased deserves. A garden, a stable, or even a beautiful body of water could be perfect for a funeral.

A mountain is also a great place to set up a timeless funeral. If this site was an important place for the deceased, why not throw the ashes during the day with the entourage on the spot? You could also drop small words in the air or hang them on balloons or doves' legs. 

2) Keep in mind the significant tastes and objects of the deceased person.

Funerals can commemorate a loved one, so it's important to respect that person's tastes. To do this, several options are available to you. For example, all family members can wear jerseys of the favorite colour of the deceased. They can also wear jerseys from his favourite sports' team. Playing some of his favorite songs is another way to create a moment of strong emotions.

During the funeral, you can offer guests a lasting memory in connection with passions of the deceased. Maybe a cup with the name of the engraved person could be a nice way to remember him? In funeral homes, it is not possible to personalize your event, but by changing the location, you can add your personal touch!

In addition, it is possible to bypass the traditional caterer, incorporating the menu favourites of this loved one. By opting for a unique event instead of the funeral home, there are several options available to you.

3) Create an unusual theme.

For funerals in his image, it is possible to rethink the decoration. All you need to do is find a theme that is dear to the deceased and incorporate it into the funeral. Think about the activities and passions of this individual and make them ubiquitous in the environment of the day or evening. For example, for an opera enthusiast, create a prom night, where guests must arrive cleanly dressed and invite a singer of this type of music. For a musician, invite his colleagues to come play.

Do not forget to incorporate several photos and videos of the deceased into your designated location. This will allow everyone to remember the good memories they shared with this person.

So, if you wish to set up a funeral that will pay homage to your loved one, contact us. Our team will support you in every step to get through this difficult moment by bringing joy!

Written by: Géraldine Saucier