Why is Team Building so fashionable?


Positive reinforcement within a team is essential. Several activities can improve cohesion between co-workers. In a previous article, Nesss listed  8 incredible Team Building ideas . Here are 4 reasons why team building has become increasingly important for any business.

  1. Set up a team synergy

This phenomenon comes from the solidarity and collaboration of everyone. It occurs when all members of a team use their respective strengths to create a product that surpasses the capabilities of one person. To achieve team synergy, communication and the development of a common goal are essential. This feeling is essential in a work environment because it improves the effectiveness of team members, through mutual collaboration and listening.

Team Building aims to create this feeling of cohesion. This type of activity requires the use of everyone's strengths to produce something bigger and more powerful. Team Building events create a sense of understanding and complicity within a group of co-workers.


2. Improve communication within a team

Through unusual games, your employees will learn about each other's strengths and qualities. Maybe some colleagues will discover common passions that will lead to friendship? What is guaranteed is that if internal communication is improved, the work of your employees will only double. In addition, Team Building activities are built for educational purposes. Your company members will learn new ways to communicate more effectively.


3. Create links with your employees

As a company executive, it's up to you to create a sense of belonging among your employees. Through Team Building, your workers will have the chance to get to know you better in a context outside of work. This will improve the loyalty they bring to your organization. In addition, the workshops presented in this kind of context will help develop a sense of complicity and team spirit among your workers. You will witness the emergence of a sense of belonging that will increase the respect and trust your employees bring to you. A positive dynamic of mutual help and encouragement will be established. The social and friendly nature provided by reinforcement activities helps to improve motivation at work and therefore, to increase your turnover.


4. Increase creativity and innovation

Better communication and synergy in your company will allow the emergence of new ideas, through mutual aid. Your employees, who are more motivated, will become more creative. Tasks will be accomplished quicker, allowing your teams more time to develop innovative ideas. Your workload will be reduced because your employees will show more and more initiative.

So, for a positive and encouraging work environment, think Team Building! If you want more information related to this type of workshop, contact us! We will be delighted to create a tailor-made event!

Written by: Géraldine Saucier