Veronique lemay

Veronique lemay | Editor & animator

Veronique lemay | Editor & facilitator

With a Bachelor of Arts, Specialization in Communication studies from Concordia University, Veronique has a true passion of the media universe, a sector that corresponds with her energetic personality. As a writer, she exploits her versatility of skills, mixing creativity and talent to concoct a concise, exquisite, and poetic text. As a translator, her flawless bilingualism and undisputed meticulousness are reflected in her delicate selection of vocabulary to express each statement in an original way.

Organized, charismatic and pragmatic, Veronique is rigorous in her writing and is endowed with the innate ability to carefully communicate the essential information all while including keywords. From her remarkable passage on radio and television, to the medium of writing, Veronique loves to express herself and share invaluable knowledge with the public. Nothing can stop this gifted communicator!

Editor, ModeratorAlexandre Maher