Articles par Sophie Laflamme
Why is Team Building so fashionable?

Positive reinforcement within a team is essential. Several activities can improve cohesion between co-workers. In a previous article, Nesss listed you 8 incredible Team Building ideas . Here are 4 reasons why team building has become increasingly important for any business.

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Using an application for your silent auctions

Silent auctions are used to raise funds to fund the activities of an NPO. Originally, during the evening, the guests had to bet on the products of their choice by noting a price on a small paper. Then, at the end of the evening, the individual who had placed the highest bid would leave with the object or service in question. In recent years, companies have revolutionized auction nights by creating applications for cell and tablet. The use of technology in this type of event allows you to increase your funds compared to the traditional method. Here are the benefits that will push you to make the leap to an electronic auction platform.

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