Create a stand that attracts attention

For several brands, companies or destinations, being an exhibitor at a trade fair or congress is an opportunity not to be missed. It's a great way to meet their target customers and tell them about their products, services or destination.

Be attractive and different

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Visitors or participants want to see as much as possible in a short time. They will definitely be attracted to a kiosk that is visually different or more beautiful than the others. The first glance from very important. Attention should be drawn at first sight! Otherwise they will go straight. Be bold, but above all do your research, find what your competitors are doing and look at what is being done elsewhere before creating your visual, your kiosk design.

Use social media

Add a punctuated instagrammable popup, your kiosk will become an interactive experience and a coveted place! Use a hashtag #, do a quiz or a contest, they will give you data and visibility!

Also use your social networks to invite your `` followers '' to come and meet you.

A welcoming and knowledgeable staff

Training is essential for kiosk staff. You need people who are welcoming, friendly, dynamic and above all who know your products or services very well. It will be important in developing your training to think about the approach. How your staff should approach people. In addition, it is essential to keep your troops dynamic to make schedules that allow good breaks. People cannot perform for 12 hours. Another important factor in clothing is that they should all be dressed the same or the same. They must represent the brand well.

Offer something

Invite people to taste a product, to have a drink. It will attract them, relax them and they will remember you. You might also have a place for people to charge their cellphones. Otherwise, leave them a useful and attractive promotional item. Everyone loves free things!

Finally, if you have a beautiful, inviting, interactive kiosk with dynamic staff who will give them a small gift or a tasting, you will have people, your kiosk will capture the attention of visitors and it will be full!

Here is an interesting book on the subject: Powerful exhibit marketing