The 6 inescapable sugar shacks


Finally, March, the month of melting snow and sugar shacks, is knocking on our doors! It's time to go for a bite to eat in one of the best restaurants in your area! Our team has composed a list of the top cabins to help guide you in your choice.

The eco-vegetarian hut:

The Hut at Tuque is without a doubt a must!

This small place that can accommodate 35 people is located at Mont-Tremblant. What a romantic and enchanting place! This small chalet is the perfect blend of tradition and environmental preservation. The menu is made of local and organic ingredients and the food is cooked on site. The dishes will remind you of your favourite platters prepared by your grandmother. This mysterious restaurant offers you a thousand and one surprises: snowshoe trail, heated floors and a wall of recycled bottles!

It is recommended to book online with the following link:


The vegan hut:

The Canteen Vegane of Val-David is preparing its sugar shack's grand opening. They will be ready to welcome you with a varied menu from the 3 March. The all-you-can-eat meals are served at will and are accompanied by homemade cider. They have gluten-free options and maple cotton candy! What better way to satisfy your taste buds !?

To know more about this organic grocery store, visit:


The urban hut:

Are you fond of maple sugar, but do not have a car?

This restaurant is for you! From 15 March to 14 April, introduce yourself to Scena of the Old Port for a sensational event: a maple chef ! This year again, Hakim Chajar , one of the participants in the show The Chiefs and owner of Miel restaurant , will prepare a multitude of surprises for you to enjoy. The dishes are designed according to Quebec, French, and Oriental traditions. Last year, the decor was sensational; a perfect blend of traditional and modern. For more information on the menu, we invite you to follow this link:


The family sugar shack:

Sugar shack Paquette is perfect for a family day! Your children will be very happy here, surrounded by farm animals. Sheep, llamas, hens and more will be at the rendez-vous! It will also be possible to go horse-back riding. From 16 March to 13 April, a songwriter will be on hand to get the party going. You will even have the chance to learn more about maple making thanks to their on-site museum! Guaranteed fun for all!

Visit their website for more information on their all-you-can-eat menu! They can even prepare personalized menus! What could be more wonderful?


Our publisher's favourite sugar shack:

The Tabled Pioneers was created with the aim of paying homage to local artisans in Quebec. The menu is made by Louis-François Marcotte and changes every season. You will have the chance to taste local gastronomic products. Products from Verger Lacroix , including their delicious cider, will also be offered. What's better for good food lovers, all in a warm and family atmosphere.

To visit this wonderful restaurant, you must book at least 8 hours in advance on their website:


The most popular hut:

The pig's sugar shack is undoubtedly extremely popular and busy. This place is one of Canada's 100 Best Restaurants for Season 2018! The unique menu changes from year to year and is never unveiled in advance. Unfortunately, the main restaurant is full for 2019. You can always eat at the shack next door. This place is just as charming. To book, you can visit the following page:


Written by: Géraldine Saucier