MUDGIRL: Getting dirty to go beyond


The great events of surpassing oneself have grown enormously in recent years. These gatherings promote health, sport and the pride of giving everything, three aspects that take an important place in the collective spirit. And if the events of the genre multiply, some of them stand out particularly, such as MUDGIRL, the obstacle race dedicated to women.

17 obstacles ... and a lot of fun! 

Every year, across Canada, women come together to get dirty and overcome through many obstacles in their path. The course of less than five kilometers is accessible to all and everyone wins! 

The registration includes many items, so a medal assured (because we win to participate!), A bottle of reusable water and a bag of race. What will you also bring back home? The smile and pride of being overwhelmed with your female teammates who have lived the same course as you. 

To outdo ... between colleagues?

Already, this type of gathering is ideal for forging friendships, it can be a great way to bring women closer to the same company. We leave the work behind us and we get to know each other in almost improbable conditions where the surpassing of oneself is king! 

Not only will team spirit be taken advantage of within the event, but deeper connections can be strengthened through the human experience and challenge. To leave her comfort zone - and her office - with her female colleagues can only be enriching, by the motivating character of such an experience.

Written by: Christina Boucher