The hologram on our doorstep  

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In recent years, new technologies such as virtual reality are gaining popularity. If you want to be more innovative, you can use the hologram.

This type of device will please your guests with its original appearance. In addition, it can take a multitude of forms and can be used in a variety of contexts. 

What is this technology? 

To put it simply, the hologram is actually an image or video that has been captured and subsequently projected into 3 D. The advantage of this type of technology is that an object or a person can come into contact with the image because it does not require a projector screen. It can therefore create a very unexpected wow effect, which will catch the attention of your guests. 

How can the hologram be useful in an event context? 

1. Revolutionize your conferences

This type of technology could make your life a lot easier. If you want to hire a speaker for your event, but the speaker lives too far away, it could be effective to use the hologram. Your speaker could be projected live in your meeting room while staying at home! In addition, the new and intriguing side that this type of technology creates will encourage your guests to listen to it more.

In this context, the hologram would seem to be a good solution, as it will take your guests out of the banality of conference calls or a conference while offering them an incredible experience.

In addition, the hologram allows you to turn your conferences into an unforgettable interactive moment. Your speakers can use this method to show graphs, statistics or other! What a nice way to break the monotony of PowerPoint! 

2. Give a show to your guests

If you want to create a memorable WOW effect for your guests, think about the hologram!

This type of technology will give you the opportunity to offer a quality show according to your target audience. Indeed, thanks to this method, you will be able to project a celebrity in 3 D in the middle of your event. You will also be able to set up a virtual show or even an artistic wall created just like your company!

The hologram will capture the attention of your audience, it will create a buzz, and it will impress your guests! They will keep talking about your event and they will keep memories for life!

3. Revolutionize the sale of an object

If your event aims to promote any object or if you are the organizer of the launch of a new product, it is important to consider this new technique.

Thanks to the hologram, you can now project an object into 3 D.

You will be able to insert the product in question in the middle of your assembly room.

This will allow you to impress the spirits of your guests and they will never forget this product!

What an effective marketing campaign! 

4. Send 3 D invitations

Thanks to the holo-invitations, it is now possible to invite your guests with an animation in 3 D, directly on their smartphone! During the event, all you have to do is give your guests a little plastic pyramid to put on their cell phone screen.
Subsequently, the image on the phone will come alive inside this little pyramid. This process will give your guests a memory for life, as they will be able to keep the small plastic object transparent.

This video demonstrates the process of holo-invitations:

5. Renew the image of your company

The hologram gives you the opportunity to enhance the image of your business.

Indeed, by organizing an event using this type of technique, you will forever change the impression that your customers will have on your company. The latter will be perceived as younger, modern and innovative. You'll stand out, guaranteed! 

So, if you want to deliver a memorable experience to your customers using an original and malleable process, think of the hologram!

This technology will fit with your business and your needs!

Written by: Géraldine Saucier