Food ... a must for the success of your event!

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Food is essential during an event. The place you will give it during your event will play a very important role in its development, in the way it will be lived by the participants and in the achievement of your objectives. Think again: the success of this part of your organization is not just a matter of budget allocation. NESSS offers itself to advise you on this vital issue of food.

The food

Yes, food is important in an event.

As event organizers, we encourage you to take a positive view of this aspect of the organization. Indeed, food can serve your goals if you take the time to think about it.

For example, if you want to facilitate exchanges and relationships between participants, you can bet on the shared effect of food: mechoui, eat sitting on cushions, share food in large dishes, or even putting the hand in the dough could serve this purpose.

Be original, dare and remember your goals!

No matter what type of event you propose, never forget to suggest options that are suitable for all the restrictions that your guests may have: vegetarianism, veganism, gluten intolerance. In general, the more choices you have, the more likely you are to be satisfied, and that's exactly what you're looking for.

The way food is presented should not be left to chance. You can adjust it to your theme and goals.

Indeed, several options are available to you; a more conventional meal at table, a succession of bites and / or a provision of several food stations with various flavours. The latter option is ideal for allowing people to move, exchange and create links.

Candy bars are always a hit. Have one filled with various colours and sweets.

However, as long as your participants need to stay focused, opt for fruits and vegetables. Food is a part of your event with which you can achieve the desired wow effect and have a positive impact on your guests.

Listen to the expectations of your customers and try to exceed them.

The originality of the presentation and the dishes, the quality of the food and the service, as well as appropriate planning will allow you to achieve this.

Incorporating food into an original setting can impress your guests and increase the number of photos they share with their experience! Put in all your energy!

Quality of service

The quality of the food service must not be neglected.

If your event is very chic, the guests will expect a very professional and impeccable service. In the case of a less chic event with more limited means, a smiling, clean and helpful service may very well suffice. A beautiful presentation of the food improves the perception of the participants without necessarily implying additional costs.

In all circumstances, cleanliness must reign in all areas dedicated to the culinary offer.

In addition, it is recommended when there is service at the tables to have a dish chosen for the guests in advance in order to be sure that there are enough portions for everyone and to offer efficient service. This also allows you to reduce the risk of buying too many ingredients that could be wasted, in addition to unnecessarily inflating your budget.

One last piece of service advice: try to make your food supply eco-friendly. Indeed, this gesture is extremely appreciated by guests.

To do this, first carefully select the dishes that will be used by opting, if possible, for reusable or compostable dishes. Also, avoid plastic water bottles.

Finally, offering local and organic products represents an additional effort that will surely be worthwhile, as much for the satisfaction of epicureans as for that of environmentalists.


Impeccable service, good food served at the right place and at the right time - it's a great start.

But do not forget the beverages!

Let's be responsible and start by talking about water. Making readily accessible fresh water available to participants is very important. Of course, it helps hydrate and stay focused, but it has also been shown to be appreciated by most people.

Make sure everyone has access to fresh water throughout the event.

Prioritize pitchers or water stations where there may be flavoured water with, for example, cucumbers or citrus fruits. If you have to serve individual water bottles, go for glass bottles.

Alcoholic beverages normally have their place in events.

First, measure the correct place for them. Is the atmosphere festive or more serious? A serious atmosphere may be suitable for the consumption of wine and sparkling wine.

The services of a sommelier are a mark of distinction noticed if your means allow you. In any case, offering a diversified choice is an asset. A more festive atmosphere allows you to offer, in addition to wine, cocktails and beer.

In this case, having a bar service is essential.

Perhaps the event you have in mind is neither completely serious nor quite festive. In this case you can play with time and space to give alcoholic drinks the place you want.

For example, the wine or bar service may only arrive at the end of the event.
It is even possible in some cases to keep a more serious sector where you offer water and to offer alcoholic beverages in an area where people are chatting.

In any case, never let alcohol become a negative aspect of your event.
Do not serve a guest who is no longer in control of his means and offer a breathalyzer at the exit.

The food at an event should help highlight your goals.
It offers all the potential to define the atmosphere, the sensations and the memories that will form the experience of your participants.

To achieve the desired success, you must plan well and think about your concept and, above all, be very original.

Every detail can turn into a memorable experience!

Written by: Géraldine Saucier