Trends in philanthropy (only in french)


In 10 years, the number of private foundations exploded in Canada. And if Quebec has made a bad impression compared to the rest of Canada with its donations in recent years, our province is catching up quietly, while philanthropy is gaining ground. Look at this propensity more and more popular to commit to the good cause.

Philanthropy committed

La présence des jeunes en philanthropie se ressent jusque dans l’organisation des événements. De type plutôt engagé, ceux que l’on appelle les millénaux ont tendance à vouloir s’impliquer activement dans une cause.

The current trend is for active events, for those who raise money while bustling for the good cause. People want to give themselves to give, simply! Marathons, triathlons, walk-a-thon, participatory fundraising ... All ideas are good for getting citizens moving while giving them the incentive to donate.

This trend is becoming more popular, and you will see that it makes the crowds run ... literally! If you are looking to get involved, try to find the best method for your clientele and bet on a dynamic and simple organization! You will see that the participation will be at the rendezvous.

The trend is reversed

In Quebec, donation growth jumped 35% in almost 10 years. If our province is the least generous in terms of the amount given to organizations, it is still the one with the greatest growth.

While volunteerism and fundraising are still popular despite the rise of participatory volunteerism, corporate charity is also continuing to gain ground, as well as private foundations on behalf of the province's large, wealthy families.

The foundations are more involved with the community, and their implication is clear: they are increasingly turning to social services. A real correlation emerges between the commitment of the population and the services offered to citizens. Youth, health and seniors are the three most prevalent spheres currently in philanthropy.

And in this era of climate change, you will certainly not be surprised to learn that people are becoming increasingly popular at fundraisers to help disaster victims in the event of natural disasters. This trend is there, and it is definitely in the landscape of Quebec philanthropy.

Written by: Christina Boucher