Events not to be missed this summer  (only in french)

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That's it! The sun shows the tip of the nose and the creamery is open! Finally holidays are coming! However, the long summer break can sometimes be synonymous with stress. You devour your old tour guide of years 2000 with the minimal hope of finding an activity that will please all your family !? Look no further, here is a list of the best outings to do this summer, without breaking the bank!

First, you can always make an outing to Montreal, during a traditional festival. The city is always full of festivities during the summer season. Here is a summary of what is happening in the city this summer:

- Francofolies of Montreal (

-Montreal Jazz Festival (

-Festival of Africa Festival (

-Montreal Completely circus (

-fringe festival (

Sonic Island (

-osheaga (

-Heavy Montreal.

Sheep in the city

Pour une journée reposante et remplie d’originalité, le jardin botanique accueille cet été de petits moutons dans un de ses parcs, le jardin Leslie-Hancock. De plus, chaque dimanche du 20 May au 17 June, lors des matinées bergères, il est possible d’assister à des rencontres explicatives sur les moutons et sur les plantes du site. Une activité enchanteresse qui fera rire toute votre famille!

Emerging artists festivals

Several organizations are opening their stages this summer to innovative emerging artists.

L’édition 2018 du festival MUTEK, qui sera sur la place des arts du 22 au 26 August, marie art technologique et musique électronique. L’édition de cette année fait ressortir les artistes féminines et leurs rôles dans l’industrie.  Visitez ce site pour plus d’informations :

The Hochelaga-Maisonneuve House of Culture is setting up its Zone Homa festival. The latter brings together poetry, theater, artistic laboratory and much more. These evenings are full of very surprising little shows. See this link for more information:

Outings in the great outdoors

Several parks and tourist regions around Montreal offer outdoor activities for the whole family.

In the Quebec City region, it is possible to cross the St-Anne canyon , on a chair suspended at 90 km from the ground! Everything takes place in an enchanting setting and at a speed 50 km / h. See the following link:

Le parc Frédérick Back, un ancien dépotoir revitalisé, vous donne la chance de participé à une virée sous le étoiles le 13 July prochain. Vous serez accompagnés d’un professionnel du cosmodôme et d’un animateur de la TOHU dans le but d’apercevoir des étoiles et d‘en apprendre d’avantage sur l’observation urbaine de ces dernières. La section astronomie du lien suivant vous expliquera la marche à suivre pour y participer :,94551572&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&id=86

Art and the outdoors

In recent years, light trails in the forest are gaining popularity. This thrilling and original activity will make you see all the colors.

In a magical setting, the park of the Coaticook Gorge illuminates during the summer Foresta Lumina . On 2,5 Km, you can follow the story of the fairy Margaret. Check the following link to book:

In the region of Sorel, it is possible to live a great multimedia experience. Thanks to the experience Statera You can do a variety of activities on the islands in the area. You can visit them at night, illuminated by your lanterns, or take a cruise during the day, admiring the landscape. This company offers an exhaustive list of attractions. Visit this site for details:

In a relationship with

Here are ideas of outings to live with your sweet half.

This summer, the spa bota bota offers unusual formulas. For example, the spa has put on evenings 5 to 7, accompanied by live music, jazz, folk, classical and more. Then, once a month, a silent movie is presented in the baths. Stay tuned, as the spa prepares a different activity almost every day, from naturopathy to yoga. Visit the following site for details on their programming:

The Eastern Townships Region has set up a Beer Route . With this package, you leave Montreal in luxury car, then spend a day star, visiting 4 microbreweries, enjoying their beers and dinner in a great restaurant. For all the details, visit the following link:

 Hoping that these original ideas will inspire you! The whole Nesss team wishes you a good summer!

Written by: Géraldine Saucier