5 cool themes for your Christmas party


Why not innovate during your office party? Step outside the box, keep the traditions for your family parties and organize a theme party to pamper your employees and customers.

The other side of the mirror

With the universe of Alice in Wonderland , present the reverse side of the decor. Take the opportunity to reverse the roles, be the jester and treat your guests as kings, in a magical atmosphere. Put on a pedestal the support staff and offer well cooked to the bosses!

Chic each chalet 

Bring out your finest woolen sweaters and your funniest pajamas, the hot chocolate will flow! Ho! Ho! Ho! Opt for a decor composed of raw elements, wood, brick, etc. Comfort will be in the spotlight and the warm atmosphere. A board games area, will inhibit the discomfort of some and will drop others in childhood. Organize a joke contest, take out the comforters, cushions and specialty coffees!


The Phantom of the Opera

Immerse yourself in the world of the show, with a decor loaded with chandeliers, candles, curtains and gilding. Feel free to hire a quartet of musicians and an opera singer, dress up your bathrooms like lodges and make your guests feel special. To do this, at the end of the day, bring in the hairdressers and makeup artists.

Eyes wide shot

With this theme, be careful about the message you want to send to your hosts. If you opt for an evening capes and masks, drop the masks in the early evening before the alcohol is flowing. Instead, reserve anonymity for the staff who will provide the service. This is the perfect opportunity to hire circus artists, contortionists, living statues, trapeze artists and company.

Village of elves

It's time to reveal all your love for Christmas and spread the magic. Do not hesitate to engage storytellers, comedians and wacky waiters. What better way to liven up your guests than goblins? Take out your best traditions and share them!

Good organisation!

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