La créativité en événement

Creativity is "the capacity, the faculty of invention, of imagination; the creative power "of an individual. (

Because of this, everyone has a creative part in them, but sometimes the inspiration may seem unachievable. In search of ideas, It is therefore essential to surround yourself with ingenious and creative tools that will help to find this little imaginative flame. Stay open and try to look at the elements of your surroundings differently.

Creation tools

In the age of technology, several software is available to creators to help them in their search for ideas.

First it is essential to be rigorous and well organized. A good organization will allow you to categorize your ideas and to see more clearly. Here are suggestions of an internet platform that will help you organize your thoughts:

  • asana is a project management software, which facilitates communication and project planning in a work team.

  • Mindly App est une application qui permet d’organiser vos idées de manière visuelle, en reliant vos pensées l’une avec l’autre. Cette application est une manière efficace de connecter vos idées ensembles, comme dans le principe d’un champ lexical. Vos pensées seront là pour rester.

  • Google keep   is an application that makes it easy to take notes, allowing you to share them with your colleagues. It is even possible to create an alarm, to remind you of your tasks.

Secondly, as a creator, it is important to stay awake to new trends. Therefore, it is important to give yourself time to browse the web, to visit the various events offered near you, to travel, to explore what is happening elsewhere and to stay abreast of news. . Here are suggestions of an internet platform that will allow you to make beautiful discoveries:

  • Pinterest is a site that allows the sharing of photos. It is easy to indicate one's passions and preferences, and to find several ideas related to your interests.

  • BizBash est un site internet qui présente des évènements actuels, des idées nouvelles et des endroits inusités. Naviguer sur cette plate-forme vous permettra d’ouvrir vos horizons sur de nouvelles découvertes.


Event Creativity -Search for information

When a company comes to your firm for a new project, you have to think outside the box. Be creative, to do this, you can use unusual visual methods to present your message.   Prezi is a site that allows you to build a visual presentation that is out of the ordinary! Come on, let yourself be carried away by your innovative spirit! Here is a site that lists other software to replace power point   :

In addition, to please your future client, it is essential to know some information about his company. Do a good research, this will allow you to target the needs and values ​​of the company. You will be able to get noticed, by creating an original custom event that will amaze and amaze your future client ...

Here is the company information to consider when developing your guideline.

  The situation of the company : Start with a thorough search on the company, familiarizing yourself with the products, or services sold by the company. Then, you must inform yourself about the company's internal environment. Therefore, all this information will play on the situation of the latter.

What is the internal environment of a company or Marketing Mix ?

The Marketing Mix includes the 4 variables over which the company has decision-making power. You need to be very sensitive to this information because it helps to understand the personality and values ​​of the company.

  • Product: What is the product sold? What (s) need (s) does this product meet? What is the visual of the product (colors, shape, etc.)? What are the reasons for the different choices?

  • Price: What is the price of the product? Here, it is important to compare it with the price of competitors, in order to know what differentiates your customer from these.

  • Place: What is the place of sale: In which store is the product (or service) offered? Who are the distributors?

  • Marketing Communication: On what aspect is the company based to promote its product? What are the means of dissemination of the promotion?

Keep in mind the following question: How does this company stand out from its competition? So you can grow the company based on the aspects that make it unique.

Target customers : It's important to know the typical customers. This allows you to target a certain part of the population to promote your event. You will be able to guide the organization of your event and even the promotion of the latter in connection with the customers of the company. Know your guests !!

Set the goal of the evening : It is important to talk to the client to understand their goals and future visions. You must understand the impacts desired by the company following your event. Thereafter you will be able to establish several actions to reach these objectives. Keep in mind that you must be innovative. Use a positive and meaningful approach, positioning the customer of the company at the center of your decisions. Live emotions and be relevant!

Here! You are ready to embark on the creation of your memorable evening! Do not forget to know your client well and to think outside the box!

Good luck.

Written by: Géraldine Saucier