4 raisons d’utiliser un logiciel de gestion de projets en événementiel


Working in the event industry requires a great deal of organization from each of your employees. Sometimes the constraints seem to pile up: the contracts line up on your desk, your employees can not communicate easily, your projects go in all directions; you have lost the course! A management software could be a cheaper solution to get you back on track.

Follow the evolution of the project in real time

An event agency often works on several contracts at the same time. Sometimes it can be very complex to juggle the various tasks, priorities and deadlines of the company. A management software allows you to track the progress of each project and keep track of the deadlines. In addition, this helps you to track the progress of each of your colleagues on the project. This will allow you to plan ahead and you will never get a contract back late!

Share tasks

In a company, every employee has his expertise. Sometimes sharing tasks in order to use each member to the best of their abilities can be a daunting task. Management software makes it easy to share documents by decreasing e-mail. Each member will be able to work on the project when time permits, without waiting for the email (which was actually lost in spam emails). In addition, this type of software will make life easier for your employees, so they can work remotely. So you will save time and money!

Help internal communication

A management software makes it possible to centralize the information of the agency in a single database. Business members will be able to easily communicate and write messages in one place. In addition, these applications are often very visual. It will therefore be easier for your employees to understand their tasks and to communicate with you for more information.

Work in the same direction

Better sharing of tasks and documentation within your teams will allow for excellent project reconciliation. Each member of your team will be able to view the work of the other member and understand more about the project guideline. The project will be more harmonious and concise.

Here is a site that has evaluated several project management software: https://www.bdc.ca/fr/articles-outils/technologie/applications-gratuites-peu-couteuses/pages/outils-gestion-projets-gratuits-peu-chers.aspx. So you can choose the application that suits you best. With this type of site, you will make your whole team happy! Good work!

Written by: Géraldine Saucier