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Dear Alexandre,

A few weeks have passed but we could not stop there without sincerely thanking you and showing you our appreciation for the management of our Job Space 2019 event.

The completion in nine weeks of an event of this magnitude is quite exceptional. The proposed project management tools, access to shared documents and software, and finally the tutorials to provide us with the necessary autonomy, greatly facilitated discussions and the participation of our team at all stages. This will have enabled us to be more effective and efficient. In addition, the creativity of your team and its understanding of our needs allowed us to quickly create the communication tools that met our expectations as well as a concept of which we were very proud.

It should also be noted that beyond your expertise in event management, you were able to accompany us calmly and be reassuring, which was greatly appreciated.

It is therefore with pleasure and enthusiasm that we hope to meet again with the Gestion Nesss team in order to collaborate in the realization of another project.



Philippe Tisseur
Managing Director of Destination Travail

arnaud eininger