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Organize your holiday office party

The leaves of the trees start to blush, the breeze of the cold winds forces you to take out your coats of the mothball: autumn has arrived! However this transition season does not only rhyme with family pleasures and hot chocolates! As a business manager, it's the perfect time to start organizing your office party! Nothing is to be neglected because this holiday is important for your employees. For your workers, it is a form of thanks and gratitude.

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2019 event trends

The new year has shown a renewal of event trends. As an event organizer, it can be easy to get lost in all these new modes. Our team has therefore concocted this article to guide you in the 2019 musts in events. In our opinion, if you follow these six criteria, your evening will be perfectly successful!

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Focus and mindfulness: a must event

As an event organizer, you have to juggle very tight deadlines and customers to satisfy. In addition, you have the responsibility to solve problems quickly and impress the gallery permanently. considers this job one of the most stressful jobs. However, do not be discouraged! Our team has unearthed a golden solution to help you with your anxiety, while enabling you to be more productive and helping you make better decisions.

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Why is Team Building so fashionable?

Positive reinforcement within a team is essential. Several activities can improve cohesion between co-workers. In a previous article, Nesss listed you 8 incredible Team Building ideas . Here are 4 reasons why team building has become increasingly important for any business.

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Using an application for your silent auctions

Silent auctions are used to raise funds to fund the activities of an NPO. Originally, during the evening, the guests had to bet on the products of their choice by noting a price on a small paper. Then, at the end of the evening, the individual who had placed the highest bid would leave with the object or service in question. In recent years, companies have revolutionized auction nights by creating applications for cell and tablet. The use of technology in this type of event allows you to increase your funds compared to the traditional method. Here are the benefits that will push you to make the leap to an electronic auction platform.

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MUDGIRL: Getting dirty to go beyond

The great events of surpassing oneself have grown enormously in recent years. These gatherings promote health, sport and the pride of giving everything, three aspects that take an important place in the collective spirit. And if the events of the genre multiply, some of them stand out particularly, such as MUDGIRL, the obstacle race dedicated to women.

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