The host: the star of your event

Do you want to offer your customers a memorable and dynamic evening, but your speaking skills leave something to be desired? Call on a recognized and professional facilitator! He will know how to frame and brighten your evening!

The qualities of a good facilitator

Before choosing your presenter, it is essential to think carefully about your needs and take into account the qualities of the candidate. Here is a list of skills that you should look for in your future animator:


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Good communication is the number one quality of a competent facilitator. In order to create a friendly atmosphere, your speaker must be tactful to the audience and must have the ability to improvise in the event of an unexpected situation.

When speaking, it is essential that your facilitator is structured and concise.

He is also required to express himself in a respectful and compassionate manner towards your guests.


The sparkling attitude 

Some event types may have a few lengths. You must therefore ensure that the chosen host has the ability to attract the attention of your guests, while creating a dynamic and playful atmosphere.

By his charisma and his self-confidence, your speaker must be able to convince your guests of the exploits of your business, while representing your company adequately and by creating a feeling of belonging with your customers.

To energize your evening, I advise you to hire a host with a touch of humor, this is always much appreciated!

The organization

A good facilitator must be well organized. To ensure this, send him clearly and rigorously all the relevant information related to your evening. He will be the spokesperson for your company, so he must be able to answer certain questions and inform the guests of your company's objectives and role.

The style impeccable

It is essential that the clothing of your presenter corresponds to your criteria.

Depending on your target audience, your presentability requirements may vary, so make a preliminary meeting with your candidate in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. For example, if your event is aimed at attracting millennials, you may be tempted to hire a host with whom young people can identify, either by their clothing or their choice of music.

Make sure your speaker is professional and respects your company values.


If your budget allows, it can be very relevant to hire a well-known personality, such as an influencer, a speaker or a public figure who has proven himself in your field. This type of presenter will allow you to attract a new audience, boost your event and gain popularity. The choice of personality must absolutely be related to the target audience of your event.

Note that depending on the type of evening, it is not necessary to spend more money in order to get a known entertainer.

The Benefits of Hiring a Good Presenter

Hiring a facilitator to light up your evening has several advantages.

First, if the latter is well chosen and fits perfectly into your brand image, it can improve your reputation. Indeed, if your guests take full advantage of the evening, they will leave with a good memory of your event and they will want to return. However, if your evening is lengthy due to a lack of professional entertainment, they will be tempted to get away from your business and will not want to return at your next event.

Second, the animators are knowledgeable in public speaking. They know how to communicate things clearly and effectively. They will therefore be able to help you create new links and meet new potential customers.

Finally, having an organized facilitator will greatly reduce your stress. You can delegate the programming of activities and music to him.

As an event organizer, you have a variety of things to think about. Reducing your workload and your mental load will allow you to put your energy in other files.

Important notes

When making your decision, it is important to keep your target audience in mind.

The presenter must be able to reach your guests by his experience, his knowledge and his look. Also, think carefully about your budget, since the fee requested can vary greatly from one animator to another.

Finally, set your expectations clearly with the person. If the latter has to create games, an interview or even meet the public after the evening, this will have an impact on its cachet. It is therefore essential to determine your needs quickly and to communicate them.

Good luck in your research !