2019 event trends


The new year has shown a renewal of event trends. As an event organizer, it can be easy to get lost in all these new modes. Our team has therefore concocted this article to guide you in the 2019 musts in events. In our opinion, if you follow these six criteria, your evening will be a success!

Focus on ecology

The majority of Quebecers feel affected by global warming. In 2019, it is essential to go green for events. Several customers are looking for this criterion in an event company. So bet on a zero waste event. For example, try to reduce your use of paper and printing using technology!

For more information on how to make your events eco-responsible, visit our article with the following link: http://nesss.ca/blogue/2018/3/30/rendre-vos-evenements-ecoresponsables .

Preserve the physical and mental health of your participants

This year, food is central when planning an event. The public is crazy about everything that is gourmet. So be sure to have varied and delicious dishes to present to your guests.

For example, to continue on a green path, call local and organic caterers as well as local microbreweries. Including original and environmentally friendly meals will allow you to add a refined side that will appeal to your guests. In addition, this year, it is mandatory to offer veggie or vegan options!

Keep in mind that health and weight-loss diets are gaining popularity on social media. So try to offer healthy foods by preparing meals with lots of fruits and vegetables.

Good nutrition is a hot topic. However, the preservation of mental health is becoming more and more popular on Instagram. Several influencers demonstrate the importance of a healthy lifestyle, thanks to sports or meditation.

A good way to innovate in this direction would be to offer meditation or yoga sessions, set up conferences outside, or create a no-technology zone so guests can relax. This will allow your guests to refocus. Their stress will drastically decrease and they will be better able to follow your lectures.

Kilk bracelets are a good technological way to eliminate smart phones. These small items will allow you to revolutionize your event by offering an easy method of networking, organizing your schedule, and easy payment methods. For more information, visit the following link: https://www.klik.co/fr/.

Limit the time allotted for your event

Nowadays, professionals are busier than ever having to juggle and find a balance between work and family.

It is therefore your duty to acclimatize to the schedule of your target audience. Use other approaches! For example, you may prefer parties after work rather than events during a full weekend. More guests will be able to introduce themselves and they will be less eager to return to their family life. Keep in mind that you need to be flexible with your potential customers, not the other way around.

Be concise: reduce the number of conferences by several hours and make room for the twenty-minute pitch! Be groundbreaking and creative by offering interactive workshops where the public can voice their opinion and participate in an original activity. A show can be a good way to get people's attention.

Then, remember that some people will not be able to attend your event, so include a live cast for those who wish to participate.

Use technology and bet on social media

In 2019, you have a wealth of technological tools at your disposal to impress the gallery. Think of the excitement of virtual reality or 360 degree visits. This year, you need to keep your visual presentation as important as your content. Keep in mind that you must be highly visual!

With technology, you can also make your event extremely accessible. Put together an app with all the evening's information. Offer several reminders with relevant details for your guests on social media. It is important that your guests can have all the necessary clarifications at their fingertips. A variety of applications can help you guide your guests through your day. First, a Chatbot helps keep your customers informed in an entertaining way. Then, an NFC chip, which works by geolocation, indicates the daily schedule, the must-see attractions, workshop availabilities, and much more!

To top it off by including originality and enjoyment, set up a place dedicated to taking pictures. You can install a neon sign, a photo booth, or an unstoppable popup! The important thing is that your customers can post photos of themselves linked to your event. They will be very happy to be able to pose with their friends. This will also give you free advertising.

If your budget permits and you want to go beyond the limits, you can use several other technological tools. As a result, the use of a facial recognition system facilitates payments without money and helps to secure access. In addition, you can also use a drone to take breathtaking photos and create a beautiful air show.

Make each of your guests feel unique

It is becoming increasingly important to use data in order to determine the preferences of its target audience. The use of data will allow you to better understand your customers and thus customize this event while making it unforgettable.

You must try to make every guest feel unique by personalizing your event for everyone. Several options are available for you to do so. For example, you can customize your invitations, cocktails, and customer service. To know the preferences of each of your guests, it is important to send an online form where they can choose speakers, meals or personal preferences, such as their favourite colour. By having basic information about your customers, you will be able to offer them a high quality personalized service.

Orient all your choices around your guests and be authentic. Do not try to mimic the competition. Keep in mind what makes you stand out as a business and build on what makes you unique. Find speakers who stand out! You must unearth the element of never before seen!

You can push the boundaries of the never seen by inspiring you with art installations in situ . In these, the common places become places of phenomenal artistic expression. So, why not create a day in an unusual place? In a public square, for example! By doing so, you will have the chance to make yourself known to the public.

 Offer periods of networking and collaboration

It is important that those present at your event feel listened to. Set up activities to encourage sharing of experiences and networking. For example, create workshops where people have to discuss a particular problem! Ensure that the event is collaborative and that guests feel valued in their contribution to the activities.


For a successful event, keep in mind that your guests want to feel special and want to be blown away! Do not be afraid to put yourself out there!

Good luck

Written by: Géraldine Saucier