Steps to Successful Sponsorship Plan

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Are you in the midst of preparations for your next event and need to find new ways to fund it? You can easily find sponsors who can help you. They will be able to offer you monetary support, provide you with material or offer you their services.

This agreement must be seen as a partnership that will give visibility to your sponsors while helping you directly in the realization of your event. When choosing a sponsor, it is important to approach employees who have the same target audience as you. 

What is a sponsorship plan and what is its purpose? 

The sponsorship plan is a document that should catch the attention of the future partner. This tool must be concise and it must allow your future partners to quickly understand the concept of your event, to know the planned schedule, to learn more about your target clientele and to visualize your communication plan.

All of these elements will help your future sponsors understand the value of the visibility you offer them and help them make an informed choice.  

What is your goal when writing your plan? 

As an event organizer, you will definitely need sponsors. It is therefore important for you to put together a concise and clear plan. Your goal is to get your reader's attention quickly. You have to insert photos, such as, for example, your mood board of inspirations as well as attractive colours!

Your goal is to sell your event. You can therefore show the original and atypical elements that will be presented. You must use this documentation to explain all the reasons that will make a future sponsor want to work with you. List how your event will benefit them in a unique way.

Keep in mind that your main goal is for sponsors to join with you!

How to attract the attention of a partner 

Creating this type of document may seem like a hazardous task. However, if you keep in mind the following points, your sponsorship plan will include all the essential elements to capture the attention of partners. 

 1. Summary of the event

First, you must indicate in one page all the main elements surrounding your event.

Keep these four points in mind: WHAT, WHOM, WHERE, and WHEN.

At a glance, the reader must understand the outline of your evening. You can indicate the target audience here, the number of people expected and a sentence explaining how your event differs and stands out from others of the same kind. 

 2. The concept 

In this section, you need to explain more broadly your event and describe your concept in a simple and effective way. It would be very important to list the reasons demonstrating the relevance and purpose of your event by focusing on the originality of it.

The reader must understand how your proposal stands out from its competitors.

You must also briefly explain the various components and activities that will be presented.

 3. Programming and enumeration of speakers 

As mentioned above, the sponsorship plan provides an overview of your event to potential partners. This document should explain how it all works. If your evening invites famous speakers or celebrities, it is important to mention them in this section. This will demonstrate the relevance and seriousness of your concept and will provide a sense of trust to the sponsors. This section should include the schedule of your event to provide a better understanding of your offer. 

 4. Target client and communication plan

This portion of the document should contain a diagram with a short description of the different target audiences that will be affected by your event. Note that your potential clientele must be similar to that of the target sponsors. 

In addition, you must incorporate your communication plan. This one must be brief. It must contain the list of platforms used to promote your event (blog, website, speaker, social media, etc.).

Remember to make a short description that indicates how you will use each of these platforms.

 5 .Presentation of your organization

Remember to make a short description of your organization. The sponsors want to know that you are serious organizers!

Talk about your past successes, do not be afraid to sell yourself! 

6 .Description of the sponsorship program

This section is important because it allows you to describe your offer. You must list the different amounts you are requesting, the monetary value of the advertising you are offering them, and the different services you will need.

This part must be very convincing! 

 7 .Other elements

Some components of your event should not be put aside. Remember to insert photos of your mood board of inspirations and talk about where the event will take place. 

Good luck and do not hesitate to contact us if you need help in writing your sponsorship plan. It will be our pleasure to help you! 

Written by: Géraldine Saucier