How to have perfect logistics on the day of the event


After planning everything for months, it may be tempting to take a well-deserved break! However, note that the most important remains to be done, because the day of the event can be filled with pitfalls.

According to Nesss, the key to success lies in a well-crafted logistics plan. Migratory birds have understood this when it comes time to fly  south.

To help you achieve your ideal evening, Nesss offers two essential tips.

Setting up a Cloud Schedule

First, set up a cloud schedule with all the members of your team so that everyone can follow the tasks and steps to be performed during the event, in real time.

To all defenders of old technology: know that any event inviting guests requires perfect and effective coordination. Indeed, the scribbled lists on scraps of paper, the multicoloured and highlighted schedules, and the notes exchanged by racing pigeons will only hurt you and will not help the logistics of your evening.

Thanks to your Cloud schedule, nothing will be left to chance. With this, all members of your team will have access to a clear description of the tasks performed as well as those needing to be started. Everything is simple and easy, you simply need to make sure that each member of your team has a tablet or smart phone with internet access.

In addition, this tool will help you with the organization of assembly and disassembly and help you keep an eye on the coming and going of your subcontractors. You will need to synchronize delivery schedules because most rooms have only dedicated a single access to this task.

By sing the Cloud schedule, how could there be glitches? You only have to refer to the schedule and check what has been done.

Design of a coordination plan

The second essential tip for successful logistics: you and your team must have a coordinated plan with all stakeholders and include key elements to coordinate for the day of the event.

By taking the time to plan carefully, each employee can organize the steps to come in advance . The comprehensive timeline allows you to remember important elements and visualize long-term planning. Each step must have been previously approved by the people involved. Teamwork in developing the coordination plan is essential.

Do not hesitate in providing details while including useful comments, the contacts of the various participants, or the logical links between each step. There is software specifically designed to assist you in achieving your plan. Thanks to this, nothing will be left to chance!

You are now well equipped to ensure excellent logistics on the day of your event. Thanks to these tips from Nesss, you can now head to D-Day worry free. Hoping that these tips can help you, because for any event organizer, good logistics is a guarantee to success!

Written by: Géraldine Saucier