The three best videos on creativity

Technology, Entertainment and Design . Three words that form the name of Ted Talks. These conferences, presented internationally since 1984, attract crowds. The topics addressed ? All that is worth sharing is the motto of this non-profit foundation , The Spalding Foundation .  Thanks to today's technology, we have access to a detailed register of several meetings offered around the world.

NESSS shows you its three favourites in connection with creativity because there is nothing better than starting a new year, inspired!


Need a new idea? Commence in the domain of the known

The physicist Vittorio Loreto has a fascinating vision of creativity. In his lecture from October 2017, man introduces us to the mathematical schema behind the new, in other words, behind the new ideas. If mathematics and physics have their place everywhere, Loreto presents his perspective of creativity that will certainly not leave you indifferent!


The surprising habits of original thinkers

Still under the theme of new ideas, an organizational psychologist leaned, in February 2016, on the habits of the great thinkers of this world. Adam Grant reveals the behaviours of the "originals," who constantly have new and great ideas.


How to manage for collective creativity

It's nice being surrounded by creative people, but how can you ensure that you embrace and actualize all the good ideas they develop? This is what Harvard professor Linda Hill analyzes in her TED Talk presented in September 2014. This woman believes that it is important to have a game plan within each company so good ideas aren't lost. Therefore, as a team, employees can become an endless creative engine.

If TED Talks interest you, the next Montreal conference will be presented under the theme of   Perspective , all day, the 9 February.

Written by: Christina Boucher