8 incredible ideas for team building

As managers, you have the responsibility to strengthen cohesion among your team members. Team building is an effective method that allows, among other things, to create a feeling of belonging in the company and to create links between employees. Satisfied and happy employees at work will be more motivated and successful.  

Here are some activities that will help you improve the efficiency and mutual support of your staff:

1. Dubbing workshop

Workshop-Dubbing-VOA-Canal- 100 .jpg

Here is the humorous activity par excellence! During this game, you will have the chance to adapt your favourite movies to your image. You can imitate and improvise with the characters' voices.  In addition, dubbing professionals will be present to teach you diction. This workshop will please everyone and will improve the complicity between the members of your team.

2. Making a dub clip

During this colourful session, you will have the chance to shoot a video clip on a pre-existing song. Your employees will be transformed into true dancers, singers and rock stars! Get ready for a day filled with animation: make-up, disguises, laughs. You will leave with unforgettable memories professionally captured. Each participant will receive his own DVD that he can keep. This activity will enhance listening among employees and strengthen team spirit.

audio 1851517 _1920.jpg

3. Anonymous karaoke

Alone or in a group, you will have access to a song box. This small isolated place will allow you to sing loudly within comfort. Thanks to this activity, you will discover hidden talents, you will get to know each other, and you will live an evening of madness all together. What better way to get out of the routine? A DVD of the best moments will be offered at the end of your day.

4. "Light Painting" or painting with lights

This workshop aims to create luminous signs in the air. The participants must dance in the void of light beams, thus drawing original forms. These works will be captured by a photographer. It is also possible to film the activity with a musical background. This game will develop the creativity of your entire team.


5. "Tape Art"

Klebebande 4 .jpg

Here you will have the chance to create your own street art, with only duct tape and scissors. You will experiment and learn more about the world of graffiti. The goal will be to turn a piece of paper into a work of art. Finally, you can integrate a photograph of yourself on your work in order to make it your own. This creative work will be given to you later. The constructed work will be able to decorate your meeting room.

6. Virtual reality

If you love video games, here is your favourite activity! Thanks to virtual reality, it is now possible to have fun without a controller and simply with your body swinging. As a team, you can challenge yourself to dance, run or do acrobatics. Prepare for an endless virtual fight! This will help develop communication and teamwork among your employees! May the best win!

7. The inclined scene

Here is one of the most original team building activities! In this workshop, your employees must perform office tasks, but on a floor inclined at about 30 degrees. The unevenness of the scene makes the tasks difficult, which makes everything quite funny. During this game, a facilitator is present to encourage your staff and give them challenges or themes of improvisation. But that's not all! Everything is filmed with a special camera that puts the image horizontally. This day will allow you to develop the creativity, the originality of your members, and strengthen the team spirit.

8. Horizontal Photo booth

This is an activity that will brighten up your evening! Here, participants must lie on the floor on a "green screen" in order to take pictures with their colleagues. It will give the illusion that you are jumping or flying. The result will be unusual. The magical moments thus created will help develop a sense of belonging within the company.

Do not hesitate to contact us for the purpose of developing your personalized team building activity!

Have fun!

Written by: Géraldine Saucier