Party Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is approaching and you still haven't found the perfect theme for your fiesta !? Do not stress, our team has put together a list of ideas to make your evening unforgettable! Do you want to thank your employees for their good service? You want to organize a party at your house in order to gather your friends? Do your children want to celebrate with their friends? Here are four simple themes that may please you.

Murder and Mystery

This concept will amuse both young and old. The idea of an evening of investigation is very simple. As the game master, you need to establish a scenario with several clues that will help find the murderer. Your guests can find the culprit with discussions between them and a compromising decor. The site offers a variety of scenarios that can inspire you in the design of your event.

For a successful party, go with scary decorations:

- A red sangria explosion: Add plastic spiders or fake fingers in your favorite punch and voila!

- A brain in formol: For a fun center piece, visit the following link: Your living room will be transformed into a mad scientist's laboratory!

Botanical Garden

This theme will be more successful with adults. This year, the environment is at the center of all discussions. For a great party, it's important to have an  ecofriendy  event. A theme related to nature can be a nice alternative that will allow you to prevent waste.

To do this, you can decorate your living room with squash and pumpkins, install cactus shaped garlands from the company Buk and Nola or take your flowers out of the dusty shelves and showcase them.

For a successful evening, go with concept meals:

Fun Cocktails: You can visit the website of the SAQ for trendy consumer ideas related to your theme. For a delicious pumpkin cocktail:

- Original salad: To impress your guests, make a cactus salad! The following site offers you a delicious and innovative recipe: .


A theme that will entertain guests of all ages. If you want to spend a more relaxing evening, why not organize a party in which you are a star? The Hollywood theme is perfect for fans of popular music and cult movies! Install a red carpet and hire a photographer. You will create memories for life!

For a successful party, go with innovative activities:

-Organize a relaxing and glamorous moment, hire a makeup artist!

-Start a drinking game with your favourite movies.

-Play music and a have a dance floor for the little ones.

Game of thrones

This concept will please all ages. For the past few years,  Game Of Thrones is very popular. The imaginary world of princesses and monsters are back in fashion. You can turn your living room into a magical kingdom.

For a successful party, go with disguises:

By disguising your pets, you can bring your concept to a whole new level!! The shop Party Expert offers the chance for your pooch to become king of the evening! Visit their website for more information. Your pet will turn heads.

If you want to dazzle your guests and entertain your children, there are several possibilities! Do not forget to send your invitations as soon as possible to allow your friends to save the date. Happy Halloween!

Written by: Géraldine Saucier