Freeze your alcohol for stunning effects

uforst | Alcohol freezing machine

Stepping out of the ordinary is the key to successful event projects worth talking about. If you think you're out of ideas to impress your guests, NESSS has the solution for you. Say hello to uFrost, by Ether Innovations, a Montreal technology that will revolutionize your future events.

The breathtaking cocktail

If you think like us, a successful event is one in which all guests have a drink in their hands. Alcoholized or not, it is essential for your guests to gather around a cocktail to converse. What if this cocktail was downright unique?

Thanks to uFrost, your guests' cocktails will no longer be bland. This machine instantly freezes any liquid, including alcohol, and transforms it into a tasteful treat that reflects your evening. Not only will this technology give your guests an exceptional experience, you will reach new heights: creating a one of a kind drink that reflects your unique image and that your guests will remember.

What about meals?

uFrost is not only capable of embellishing your guests' cocktails. Your chefs can also use it as they wish to concoct aesthetically pleasing and tasteful dishes. The advantage of this machine is that it does not require electricity. You can easily transfer it from the bar to the kitchen so everyone can use it!

An original way to expose yourself

Yes, your meals and cocktails will clearly be out of the ordinary, but only because they will reflect your image. uFrost will take you off the beaten track, allowing you to illustrate your brand through everything your guests consume.

If mixologists and chefs have their own way of creating unforgettable experiences, thanks to this technology, you will also have your say in making  your evening unique and above all, molding it to the image you want to project .

Written by: Christina Boucher