Icar: Activities for extraordinary "team building"

icar | Team building

In recent years, team building within companies is gaining popularity. Managers want to create a sense of belonging among their employees. Team building is an effective way to build a cohesive organization. This concept involves planning a series of activities for all your workers.

The  ICAR   race circuit, located in Mirabel, offers a variety of team building events to foster communication between your employees and to encourage leadership. Their activities are tailor-made to meet your needs.

Here are various possibilities:

D-Box simulator:   For a catchy event, why not give everyone on your team the chance to use a state-of-the-art and realistic racing simulator? In turn, your employees will have to compete on the D-Box in order to win a trophy. They will all have the chance to handle this machine and will be able to learn more about the concepts of a racing circuit.

Karting Lemans:   Another attractive option for your team would be to drive race cars up to 75 km / h. This activity takes place on a one kilometer circuit drawn by professionals and will amaze your colleagues! They will even have the chance to try this experience three times in order to raise their final score and make their team shine.

Battlecross: On the other hand, your members will have the chance to board a Mustang! They will have to race and will have the opportunity to experience three different circuits for a total of 4 races each. This will revitalize your team and allow your employees to learn the concept of self-control.


These original activities will greatly enhance trust, productivity, collaboration, communication and creativity within your company. Your members will develop cohesion. Then, during the different activities, the score of each member will be tallied within the same team. Your employees will be divided into several sub-groups, which will encourage participants to encourage their teammates and create a sense of unity. In addition, ICAR offers a podium photo opportunity for the winners, making it even more amusing.

Your employees will develop new strengths and get to know each other in a context where cooperation and competition will be necessary.

A day to remember

ICAR offers you a personalized welcome, professional training, top-notch equipment, a delicious meal and lively entertainment, but you can also add some souvenirs, such as promotional merchandise and personalized videos.

For a day filled with excitement and action, bet on a racing circuit that will create cohesion between your members and that will change your team dynamics in a long-lasting and positive way.

Written by: Géraldine Saucier