C2Montréal: a mine of inspiration (only in french)

L’événement C2 Montréal qui prend place du 23 au 25 May à Montréal est un weekend à ne pas manquer! Le tout est organisé par Sid Lee, agence créative basée à Montréal, et par le Cirque du Soleil et aura pour thème cette année les «collisions transformatives». Il réunit les plus grands entrepreneurs et créateurs internationaux à un seul endroit. Cet événement hors du commun en met plein la vue, car il a pour but de lier le monde entrepreneurial à celui de l’innovation et de la création en réinventant le monde financier. Ce weekend rassemble donc autant des dirigeants du milieu artistique que financier. Malgré le montant élevé à débourser pour prendre part à cette activité, cette expérience en vaut définitivement la peine. Cette super rencontre, remplie de conférenciers de renom tel que Kent Nagano et Snoop Dog, aidera votre compagnie à trouver de nouvelles inspirations et à ouvrir ses horizons sur d’audacieux concepts.

New collaborations

These 3 conference days allow idea sharing and the potential creation of new collaborations. Everything is organized in order to participate in networking sessions, but in an unusual way. Several games, master classes and workshops are set up. The whole is accompanied by 3 D projections on four walls, prototype creations and teamwork. In 2015, the Cirque du Soleil had made a giant bird nest where customers had to go with a stranger and create with him! What better way to improve your network of contacts and improve your interpersonal skills? In addition, since its inception, C2 has put a lot on brain dating , a concept whose mission is to ensure the creation of perfect professional matches.


C2 Montreal sets up atypical creative sessions. According to the official programming, 'Labs' are 'authentic learning experiences that will take you out of your comfort zone to open the doors to your creativity.' In previous years, the company has installed chairs at 0} meters from the ground, giant colored balls, escape activities and more! Everything to get you out of your comfort zone and stimulate your creativity. The concept will surely allow you to see your ideas differently. Each participant must do a 'Lab' a day. This year, the company has created several ideas to stimulate you:

-Creation of cookies with a minimum of resources

-Discover your subconscious with neurotechnology

- Quiet walk in order to pay close attention to your surroundings

-And more!

It is important to book early to participate in these personalized activities. You can visit the following link for more details: https://www.c2montreal.com/fr/articles/labs-trouvez-de-nouvelles-idees/

Enchanting scenery

The weekend takes place in the magnificent premises of Arsenal Montreal, former shipyard of 41 000 square feet. The whole is embellished with animation, bright lighting, art and sculptures. In addition, the event stretches into the surrounding park, offering terraces and boat rides.

Unexpected artists and renowned speaker

To decorate the whole, several local and international artists come to make benefits. Since its inception, C2 has hosted Cirque Éloize, Arcade Fire, Moment Factory and many more. Stay tuned during your visit to the event, as several shows are not scheduled and are presented as surprises! During these 3 days, you will also hear renowned speakers. To access the full list, visit the following link: https://www.c2montreal.com/fr/speakers-2018/

5 axes of content

To stimulate your imagination and your networking, the company has created 5 themes that will allow you to interact with others and create a guideline for your discussions and your conferences.

1. Discover new perspectives, Art and Design 

2. Living in Ecosystems, Society and Environment

3. Cultivate innovation, leadership and talent

4. Mark the spirits, marketing and media

5. Pushing the limits of the possible, sciences and technologies

So for 3 days out of the ordinary, complete with conferences, artists and discussions, go to C2 Montreal 2018. You will see, your company will come out winning. Good networking!

Written by: Géraldine Saucier