Sometimes we all need a good glass of wine when we come home from a big day at the office. Or, you're the host everyone would dream of, and you never miss a wine, and always have the perfect bottles at your fingertips. Whether for an event or for your personal pleasure, the wine must be kept in good condition to maximize its flavors and longevity.

Here are some tips to be the ideal host who makes his guests travel in one sip!

The place

You have bought several bottles of wine in advance and you want to be able to serve them in the ideal conditions? Know that it is possible if you choose the storage location. Obviously if you are a wine lover, you probably already have a cellar on duty, or you are furiously thinking of getting one. This type of location is ideal for the preservation of your wines, because they are all downright adapted to offer the perfect conditions.

If you do not have the means and the space to offer such a gift, you can always install shelves to store your bottles. Be careful however to buy some that are made for storage. Those that are the most appropriate will allow you not to stack your wines, but to deposit them alongside each other, at slightly different levels, like on a wave.

Also be sure to keep your wine lying down. The risk of premature oxidation is greater when the wine is standing, and the molecule named trichloroanisole.


The wines are all unique, so pay particular attention to how they are served. This characteristic is almost as true when it comes to storage conditions. However, if you take all the basic measures for the preservation of your wine, you will see that they will all keep their aromas perfectly.

The ideal is to install your storeroom or your storage space in a dark place. The lack of brightness will promote the ideal aging of your wine if you want to keep it for a few years in your cellar. A cool place, around 12 to 15 degrees, wet and odorless will also be quite suitable for the preservation of your bottles. All these conditions will promote the ultimate conservation of your wine, through the stopper that does not dry, wine that will evolve perfectly at not too high temperatures.

And the wine?

In order to offer the wine in its best pageantry, you will have to bend to all its whims. After learning how to keep it in a place with ideal conditions, you should also know how long you can let it age and especially choose your bottles.

When buying your wine, make sure you get the information from the advisors to know the ideal conditions for the ultimate conservation of your wine. The SAQ sellers are well equipped to answer your questions and will be able to tell you if your bottle will be able to evolve a few years in your storeroom. The Internet will also be a great way to learn more about your purchases, but not all wines are as detailed as each other.

In closing, know how to stay on the lookout for in-store sales. It often happens that promotions to the number of bottles purchased can save you a lot of money for your event. Know how to plan your acquisitions, whether for your personal cellar or to appease the thirst of your future guests!

Written by: Christina Boucher