What is experiential marketing?

While the technical characteristics of products from different brands can be virtually identical, what are the factors that motivate a buyer to adhere to one brand over another? In reality, everything is played out on the social satisfaction that the product will provide to the consumer, seeking an unforgettable consumer experience. Focus on experiential marketing, the sensory approach that stimulates the customer to live an experience of emotions, discoveries and pleasure, staged to achieve a higher level of commitment on the part of the buyer.


Experiential marketing is the new advertising strategy in vogue in the modern consumer era. With their immersive marketing concepts, companies position the consumer at the heart of the brand universe to allow them to interact directly with them. The objective is to awaken new sensations in the participant so that he develops a strong sense of belonging to the brand. The company will be distinguished from the competition by the immersive and memorable experience it offers its customers.

How to apply experiential marketing through event planning

Experiential marketing positions the participant at the heart of immersion to endow the latter with a unique and profitable power: to be a consum'actor in an environment recreated to reflect its reality. Through this event where the experience is put forward, the customer will have the opportunity to interact directly with the brand and get to know his world. At NESSS, we rely on consumer involvement in a brand-led staging, using the event itself as a marketing tool. Our mandate is to develop an immersive theatrical concept, in order to enhance the desire of the consumer to develop a lasting relationship with the brand concerned.

An immersive staging of 5 precise actions

As a result, experiential marketing aims to maximize the identity and brand awareness of the consumer who seeks a rewarding experience above all else. This type of event is worth its success at the "experiential wheel", a practical guide composed of 5 essential actions to succeed your staging:

  • - Surprise the consumer by immersing him in an unusual universe

  • - Offer something extraordinary to give the buyer a feeling of prerogative, exclusivity

  • -Create an intimate connection with the consumer, give it a value by establishing a real interaction with the consumer

  • -Use the brand and its unique universe, to differentiate itself from the competition

  • -Stimulate the five senses to give buyers a unique moment, memorable sensory experiences

Thus, the participative dimension of experiential marketing is essential to convince the consumer to become brand loyal, since it is this truly emotionally extraordinary experience that you will make him live through your event that will earn you that higher level of commitment to the brand. from the consumer.