Technologies to Measure Your Sponsorship Activations

When a company injects a portion of its budget into sponsorships, it is because it automatically expects a return on investment, and with good reason! While sponsorship gives visibility to the company, it also gives a lot of credibility to the event in which it is integrated. In fact, the partnership between the sponsor and its partner must be based on a profitable relationship in which all stakeholders leave as winners. To ensure that both parties benefit, it is imperative to build a performance measurement program. An overview of technologies that will help you assess the impact of your sponsorship activations.

URL and phone number 

The first technological tool we suggest is probably the most concrete of all; it's about having a unique web address (URL) and IP phone number. These two elements will allow you to collect relevant data regarding the analysis of the visibility of the brand, its notoriety and appreciation. Indeed, these measures offer the possibility of visualizing the results of visits while these few clicks or these calls can lead to significant sales for the company. Thus, these statistics consist of added value for the sponsor.

Landing page and contest with form

The second technology used to measure fallout is the landing page . This page, designed specifically for a targeted clientele, offers web users direct access to a product or service via a web link. When the user clicks on this link, he shows his interest for the company by default; his information is then recorded in the system and he becomes a potential consumer. Through this same landing page , the user will be offered the opportunity to enter their name and email to obtain additional information about the products offered by the company; these statistics will then be stored in a database. Also, it is extremely strategic to hold a competition related to the sponsorship! Indeed, a simple registration form to participate in this contest is an excellent way to measure the number of entries from future clients.

Thick headed

It can also be very relevant to install a terminal that has the ability to calculate the number of people attending the event. Thus, this third technology can help the company draw conclusions around an animation activity, for example. Indeed, the kiosk could measure the index of the popularity of the sponsorship on the site of the activation itself. Once the data is collected, it can be processed by computer systems that then generate accurate reports sent directly to the sponsoring company.


Finally, the fourth measurement tool can even be converted into entertainment for guests, like a photobooth! Indeed, thanks to the photos that will take the guests with their friends, it will be easy to count the people present while making the investment in this technology profitable. It would be easy to count the data of those present, in addition to providing excellent visibility of the sponsor by inserting its logo on the photos that could then be published on the social networks of Internet users.