An organizer's 5 greatest talents


The 5 essential  qualities for an event planner:

Be organized

When ending an event project, it is essential to be organized and diligent in your work. You and your colleagues have to show some rigour. To help your projects run smoothly, set timelines and stick to them! In addition, it is advisable to use good internal communication tools. Register your company with project management software, such as asana or Wrike . Also, do not forget to delegate the different tasks by sharing them among the members of your team. If you decide to separate the different stages of the project, it is essential to ensure the consistency of your work and synchronize yourself by organizing team meetings.

Adapt to problems effectively

Despite your painstaking work and unparalleled organization, event planning may have some surprises ... You and your business partners must always have a plan B and C in mind. When an unexpected situation occurs, take a deep breath, think Solution, and do not dramatize the situation! It could be useful to make simulations before the date of settlement. You can create a beta version of the evening, which will allow you to notice some forgotten items and to predict the unpredictable!


Being positive, relevant, innovative and studious are fundamental elements for the success of an event! Goals must be at the heart of your strategy. They must reflect the values ​​of the company or brand and you must define your target audience. You need to have all this in mind when you are preparing your strategies and when creating the concept of your event.

be creative

To be a good event planner, you have to be in constant search of ideas. It is advised to regularly browse trendy sites, such as Pinterest , Instagram , or BizBash because staying in touch with new trends is paramount in your work. You must know the needs of customers and find an original way to satisfy them. Keep in mind that you want to organize memorable moments. Brainstorm regularly with your team for  great ideas! Keep the goal of impressing the gallery in mind; do not lose focus! Most importantly, trust your emotions and senses and always keep an eye on everything around you, ideas are everywhere!

Pay attention to detail

In the event field, it can be very difficult to predict an unfortunate situation. To prevent accidents,  leave nothing to chance. Before the fateful date, double check each element of the evening. Be careful when planning. In spite of the tight deadlines when creating projects, take your time to do things right. It is advisable to interact regularly with all project stakeholders to ensure that they have all the necessary tools for the realization of this project. You will become a resourceful person for your team members and they will be more open to sharing their opinions to advance on the project. Talk to the client on a regular basis before the deadline and make sure that your ideas, proposals, and solutions are approved. By doing so, he will have more confidence in your skills and will have no fear of the upcoming event. Attention to detail is essential to succeed in events. You must have this quality in you. Every little thing counts and will make a difference. The success of an event is in the details. They will make a big difference!

As mentioned earlier, it is important to surround yourself with experienced people. Your team members must have the 5 qualities mentioned in this article, so choose your partners wisely. Go ahead, get started! You now have the tools you need to make a memorable event happen.


Written by: Géraldine Saucier