The importance of writing well

Every year, do you dread the boring speech of the company spokesman who drags on? But now, at the annual meeting, you are asked to prepare a presentation. Stress begins to manifest, but do not be panicked: say that everyone has already faced the same situation as you! Speaking in public is an art difficult to master, but not impossible to excel when speakers are well equipped. While a speech can easily take a monotonous, interminable and logical turn, it can also be short as well as interesting if it is well structured. This will be your case when you take note of these tips that will be very useful when it comes time to organize your ideas on paper.

Choose a specific topic

Choosing the subject of your presentation is the first step to be given full attention; it's the core of your speech. This may seem obvious to determine, but many speakers make the mistake of wanting to say too much in spite of the too little time allotted to them. Whether the purpose of your intervention is to inform, congratulate or convince your audience, it must be short and captivating in order to maintain the interest of the listeners. If the subject chosen contains too many ideas, you will be tempted to lengthen your speech to mention everything. However, if you choose to focus your presentation on one aspect of the subject, it will be easier for you to structure your speech and present it in the time allowed.

Structuring your speech to increase its impact

Once your subject is determined, you are in the process of developing it. Place the ideas that you would like to address in order of importance, and keep only the first three; they turn out to be the most relevant! By organizing your ideas according to a certain logic, you will be sure to catch the attention of the public since your speech will be easier to understand and above all, more pleasant to listen to. Step by step, you will guide your listeners through the logical continuation of your ideas and your structured plan will help them to identify the different notions of your presentation. By following a clear thread, you will be yourself a better speaker since you will be more effective and at the same time, more credible. Thus, thanks to the rigorous preparation of your monologue, you will increase the impact of your words on listeners who are attentive, enthusiastic and interested in listening to you.

Master the public speaking

When you are comfortable in front of your audience, you automatically relax the atmosphere of the room. Intrigued by your ease, your listeners will be instantly receptive to your speech and they will be attentive to the message you have to convey. You are authentic, energetic, smiling and prepared, but you are not perfect. Are you feverish? Say it aloud. Do you mumble? Laugh and resume. Do you have a blank memory? Take a breath and retrace the thread of your ideas. Remember, your audience is your ally and ready to be persuaded. However, your audience is not fooled; do not reproduce the unfortunate incident of Melania Trump, because you will lose all credibility and you may never be taken seriously.

In short, prepare, structure and practice, this is the key to successful public speaking!